Best Custom Logo Design: Designing a Unique Logo for Business

You’re a specialist in your profession. We are experts in the field of architecture. Collaborate with our creative branding collective to build an exclusive logo that will last.

How does a logo design competition work?

01. Describe the ideal logo in a few words.

Our immersive creative brief makes outlining your concept for the ultimate logo template and assessing your budget a breeze.

02. Create a slew of custom logo design principles

Professional artists from all over the world apply designs to the competition. To create the perfect business logo, you’ll collaborate and get input.

03. Pick a good logo template

Designers will have seven days to consult with you. Then you choose your favorite logo, and we’ll pass the copyright and get you the image files you need.

Details of the logo style

What you will get

We give a full money-back guarantee.
Hundreds of alternative logo ideas
1 completed, absolutely unique logo design
Three color combinations are possible.
The original, editable version of the file (i.e. AI)
Data in optical, print, and web formats (RGB, CMYK, PNG, JPEG, PDF)

From $299 for a logo template

We promise that no matter what your budget is, you will get a fantastic logo template. Details on prices can be found here.

Fixed-price deals ranging from $299 to $1299 come with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Why do you use 99designs?

99designs is the most trustworthy online logo design provider. Since then, we’ve been increasing and developing our platform, which we invented. We provide the following services:

Trained designers who have been hand-selected for their abilities to produce high-quality job Communication resources that help the design process run seamlessly Safe payment opportunities for clients and designers
We guarantee you’ll get a totally unique logo design that you’ll enjoy, or we’ll refund your money.

From Torquay to Tokyo, competent logo designers…

You’ll need a logo that’s as distinct as the business. Crowdsource brilliant ideas from our global network of design experts to elevate the brand.

Trained logo designers from all over the world
Both of them have been rated and checked.
Expert advice on how to expand the brand

What is the easiest way to make a new logo?

1. Decide on a concept

Choose your preferred font types so that we can train our AI to choose the right font for you.

2. Pick any of your favorite icons.

Choose from hundreds of thousands of icons to choose the ones that best reflect your brand.

3. Get your free logo here.

There’s no cost, no email capture, just a free download of your logo.

All-in-one logo maker that is fast and easy to use.

It’s possible to have a free brand logo template.

With no hidden costs or captures, you can get PNGs and SVGs in any color or theme you want. Create a logo for your company that you can keep and use on blogs, posters, and paper.

Infinite possibilities

Build a one-of-a-kind logo every time with AI-assisted customization and thousands of fonts, icons, and colors to choose from.

And how the logo looks in reality.

Demonstrate the logo on t-shirts, business cards, and blogs to see how it can appear in the real world.

Build and distribute content from any platform.

Both computers and operating systems are provided by Logo Creator. To show off your logo to coworkers, create fast connections.

Why do you use Namecheap’s logo maker?

The free logo creator from Namecheap was created with you, the entrepreneur, in mind. If you’re starting a new company, opening a restaurant, or starting a DJ business, our simple tool will provide you with all you need to establish instant brand awareness. Our free Logo Creator is popular all over the world because it helps users to make one-of-a-kind designs with lasting effects. A skilled logo adds the final touch to your company’s publicity materials, ensuring that it stands out in the crowd. Nothing makes a lasting impact like a trendy emblem, from social media accounts to business cards (and everywhere else you want the brand to shine).

Everyone should create a logo design

Our logo experts have set the scene for you, so you can use Logo Maker with ease. No design expertise is needed. Color combinations selected with caution allow you to benefit from the same brand science used by the world’s largest businesses. What emotions do you want people to have when they see your brand? In just a few taps, you can easily create that impression. Our user-friendly logo modeling platform is just as exciting as a video game. In a matter of minutes, you can pick font sizes, icons, and artwork. You will also have your new logo in PNG and SVG formats, which you can use to integrate or modify anywhere and wherever you want.

The opportunity to share yourself openly

There is no need for payment or registration. ‘ You don’t have to be a company to use Namecheap’s Logo Builder to create a free logo. If you’re a gamer, for example, you can use Logo Creator to give your gaming profiles some personality. Social networking, message boards, and blog comments all benefit from a custom logo. With a one-of-a-kind, memorable logo style, let the world know you’re here. You designed your own professional look.

Your burning logo concept questions have been resolved.

What is the most effective method for obtaining a logo for my business?

Many companies produce a logo in one of three ways: by a branding contest, through hiring a freelance artist, or by using a logo creator. Each choice has pros and cons, but we believe that design competitions are the perfect way to get a personalized company logo because they provide you with a lot of options and flexibility. Are you unsure which path is best for you? Check out our tutorial to learn how to make the best logo possible.

What makes a good logo for a business?

A good company logo accomplishes three goals: it informs new buyers of the product, communicates what you stand for, and helps them identify the name.
Working with a skilled logo designer is the easiest way to create a logo that expresses this detail. They’ll be able to recommend the right kind of logo design as well as colours, designs, and fonts to express the message you want to send for your brand.

How do I create my own logo?

You can create your own logo with a logo creator or logo creation app if you aren’t a professional photographic artist with design tools. These apps, in general, use prototypes to assist you in creating a simple logo design. A branding contest is a better choice if you want a unique logo design that sets you apart from the competition. However, price and pace are also the most relevant considerations. If that’s the plight, take a look at our roundup of the best logo designers and logo design applications.

What is the price of a logo design?

Logos will cost anywhere from absolutely zero to $10,000 or more. A decent logo designed by a skilled artist could cost between $300 and $1300 for small companies and startups.
What can your expense cap be? Find out what you can get at each price point by reading our report on logo design costs.

What would I expect from a logo design competition?

When it is said and done, you’ll have one fully new logo, complete with full legal copyrights for the winning design.
You’ll also get all of the graphic files you’ll need to use the logo in print and online. This means you’ll get the original, editable vector file (typically an Adobe Illustrator file), vector EPS files in both CMYK and RGB (for print and online, respectively), and a web display file, similar to a JPG on PNG, so you can see your logo on any browser.
You’ll even get absolute legal copyright on the concept, so it’ll be all yours.
Unfortunately, we are unable to provide animated logos through logo design competitions at this time. Only hire an animated logo artist for a consulting project if you like an animated logo.

For my logo design contest, which pricing bundle should I choose?

At either price range, we guarantee a perfect logo template, but our higher-priced bundles deliver more design choices and better service.
The below is how it works: When you spend extra, you take a bigger reward for the winning logo maker. If you choose Silver over Bronze, you would have a larger pool of submissions to choose from. Only hand-selected, Top- to Mid-Level designers are allowed to enter our Gold and Platinum competitions, guaranteeing that you earn a high-quality logo. Finally, Platinum competitions come with a devoted Support Manager to help you out.
Running a logo contest can be exciting, but it can also be time-consuming. Consider how much time you’ll receive to review the number of submissions and your experience writing briefs and collaborating with designers before deciding the pricing plan. Call us for a concept consultation if you’re still undecided.

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Where and who owns what copyright?

Designers on 99designs agree to submit only original artwork, so each artist retains ownership of their design submissions until the contest winner is chosen. The artist decides to sell the rights at the final stage of a logo design contest, known as handover, and you become the holders to the copyright of the winning logo design.

Is it okay if I use my own photos in my design?

Yes, really. If you have any unique photos (such as flags or icons) that must be used with your logo, please send them along with your brief to the designers.

What do I do to get ready for my logo brand design competition?

There are so many options! Check for logo ideas developed by our branding group to get some inspiration.
Often, bring as many specifics as possible. Include any designs you like, as well as brand specifics, logo colours, fonts, logo shape, layout, product images, and any other requirements that can influence your design.
The more information you have, the better your custom logo will be!

Is it possible for me to keep my logo designs private?

Yes, really. When you start your contest, you can choose to “Make your contest private” from the Contest options section. This will discourage designers from placing their entries in portfolios or otherwise, and the contest will no longer feature in search results.

A basic NDA prototype will also be attached to your contest if you choose this alternative. You can even upload your own NDA if you like.
Please keep in mind that we will not always be able to delete this choice from search results if you do not pick it upfront.

Is it true that you will get your money back if you don’t want it?

Yes, really. All custom Logo Design Competitions, with the exception of those with a promised logo maker reward and those who have qualified to the Final Round, come with a 100% money-back guarantee within 60 days of purchase. You may also email us at any time for assistance in rewriting your brief, reopening your contest to guarantee a successful outcome, and choosing a winning concept. Note that if we refund your contest, you won’t be eligible to use all of the prototypes that were sent.

Is it possible to create a logo for only one designer?

Although we think logo competitions are awesome, there are moments when working with a single freelance logo designer makes sense. In that case, you should look at the portfolios of our custom logo designers or read our post about the best logo designers on 99designs.

Is it possible for me to continue working with my designer after the contest has ended?

Well, absolutely! The ultimate aim is to find a logo maker with whom you will establish a long-term working relationship. When your logo design contest is done, you will use 1-to-1 Assignments to begin collaborating directly with your new logo maker.

What if I want further logo customize variations?

One winning logo is used in your logo design contest. You can reward several winners, run a second contest, or collaborate directly with the winning artist to make the required assets if you need a second logo.

Why do you choose 99designs instead of a logo builder or an art firm?

Every company has unique requirements, which is why there are so many different styles of logo design services. It all comes down to choosing what’s most important to you at this point in your brands.
This article would explain the differences between logo makers and us.
Here’s our list of the best logo creators if you decide a logo designer is perfect for you right now.

What if I need anything other than a logo?

We will assist you. Using one of our packages to save money! Get the logo on a brand card, a website, or social media templates. Alternatively, you can purchase a company starter kit that includes the whole Brand Identity Pack.
You may also look at our other design categories or find a designer who can make the materials you need.

What exactly is a logo style, and why is it so crucial?

The process of arranging icons, pictures, writing, and colour to create a one-of-a-kind label that communicates the meaning of your brand is known as logo design.

The foundation of your corporate name is a perfect company logo. It can be seen throughout your entire company, including your website, social media, physical merchandise, packaging, publicity materials, and in-store displays. A beautiful logo makes it easier for consumers to understand what you do and how you differ from the competition. It could be the difference between a one-time deal and a long-term friendship with your clients.

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